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Dear, Thank you for visiting the "E-commerce Service Network" website. Your personal privacy is absolutely respected and protected by the "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network". In order to help you understand how the "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network" collects, applies and protects the personal information you provide, you must read the following information in detail:
About policy scope
The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use, and protection of personal data involved in your cross-border e-commerce service website activities, but it does not apply to the websites of government agencies and payment sites that are linked to the functions of this website . Any online case application website or payment website linked through the "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network", whether it is independently operated by government agencies at all levels across the country or operated by other agencies, groups, companies and the "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network" , Each website has its own privacy policy, and "cross-border e-commerce service network" does not bear any joint responsibility. When you apply for an online case on these websites, the privacy policy of each website applies to the protection of personal data.
Collection of personal data
Simply browsing and downloading files on the "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network" website, this website does not collect any personally identifiable information.
Using the various online application services provided by the "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network", when the applicant is required to provide personal information, each organizing agency will request your name, uniform number, contact phone number, e-mail, Correspondence address and other personal latest and most authentic information.
The website will record the user's IP address, online time, and web pages viewed on the website. These data are used for internal website traffic and network behavior investigation by the "cross-border e-commerce service network" website management agency. Total analysis is to help improve the service quality of this website, and "Cross-border E-commerce Service Network" only analyzes the total behavior of all users, and does not analyze individual users.
"Cross-border E-commerce Service Network" is obliged to protect the privacy of all applicants, and will not modify or delete any personal information and files of Internet users without your consent. This can only be done with your prior consent or if:
Through legal channels.
Protect or defend the rights or ownership of the people on the Internet.
To protect the rights and interests of the relevant units of this website.